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2021 Camp Freedom

Bear  Valley Utica Reservoir
August  19th - 22nd


Join us for our annual summer camp at beautiful Utica Reservoir. This camp will be more free in the schedule and organization. The goal is to have a time and place to come together for fellowship for a few days.


When: Thursday, August 19th – Sunday, August 22nd 

Where: Utica Reservoir

Who: Everyone

How will it work?

1. Bring your own food. There will not be an organized kitchen, with a kitchen crew this year, so please partner with a few families or singles and bring your own! 


2. Schedule. There is none. Do whatever you want.


We will be on the island area. We will be traveling by canoe to the other side. We will have designated people to help you cross the "Jordan" when you arrive. 


During the day it can be 80-90 degrees. Evenings are cold (60 or below)

What to bring?

  1. Bible

  2. Sleeping bag

  3. Tent

  4. Sports equipment (if you'd like)

  5. Hygiene products 

  6. Cooking products 

  7. Your own food (you can pair up with other people but you're responsible for feeding yourself.)

  8. Bear proof equipment Bears have been showing up lately and it's best to take precautions and putting things in bear-proof containers. 


Text or call Nikolay Deryabin. @ 925.783.9462

Register here

 This is so that we know who will go on what days to better arrange carpooling

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