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"And day by day, attending the temple together and breaking bread in their homes"

Acts 2:46

Vision for Community Groups

The New Testament envisions the people of God as a body where each member works to build up the rest of the body to the glory of Christ. Each member has been given a spiritual gift which he is to use to build up the body. The New Testament also speaks of believers as being God’s household. We are brothers and sisters in Christ, with spiritual fathers and mothers. We are to treat one another as family. Both of these images of the church-a body and a family-emphasize closeness, familiarity, oneness, and unity.

The people of God are those who truly care for one another, love one another and encourage one another to grow in Christ. This kind of familiarity and love can only take place in a context where people truly know each other. This is one of the reasons why the New Testament gives such a high priority for meeting in homes. The New Testament clearly models and mandates small groups as the norm and pattern for fellowship, the ministry of spiritual gifts, and as contact points for reaching the world. For a believer to be a healthy, growing, fruitful Christian he cannot live in isolation. He needs to be around other believers and they need to be around him. God has so composed the body of Christ that the members need each other. Our Home Fellowship Groups are designed with the above truths in mind.

Each home group gathering will include the following elements:


  • Time in the Word: focusing on application

  • Time in prayer: involving humility and transparency

  • Time in fellowship: encouragement, edification and care

Home Fellowship Group Leaders and Locations


  • 7:00 PM -- Men Bible Study (Russian) - Church


  • 6:00 PM - Women Bible Study (English) - Nina Yurkov (Castro Valley)


  • 7:30 PM — Men Bible Study (English) — Vlad Zherebnenkov (Castro Valley)


  • No Thursday groups at this time


  • No Friday groups at this time


  • 6:00 PM — Young Adults Bible Study (English) — Vlad Zherebnenkov (Castro Valley)

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