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Mission Bible Church is a result of the collaboration of many people, united in worshiping God, desiring to spread the Gospel and build the Church. This cooperation is expressed in many ways, including the ministry of financial support.

Financial support was instituted by God and is a tool through which we put our effort into the development of God’s work.

On this page, you can make your donations into the general fund of Mission Bible Church on the button above.

Alternative Payment Method

Zelle is a method of transferring money. It is available free of charge at most banks and the money is transferred to the church's account within a few minutes.

Here are the steps to show how it works:

1. Click on the Zelle button below to get started.

Make sure your bank offers money transfer with Zelle.

2. If you have not used Zelle in the past, you will need to first enable your account to send/receive money with Zelle - usually, you need to make sure your cell phone number or email address is on file. The bank will send you a verification number to activate your account with Zelle.

3. When you are ready to transfer the money to the church via Zelle, use the following email address for the church's account: It should show that this account is connected to the Slavic Evangelical Christian Baptist Church.

4. Type in an amount you want to transfer and review and confirm the transaction.

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