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Title: Wisdom at Work

Passage: Proverbs 6:6–10

Series: Walking With The Wise—How to Live Wisely and Well in God’s Good World


The Early Bird Gets The Worm


  1. Don’t be a sluggard


    1. Characteristics of a sluggard

      1. The sluggard is lazy (6:6)

      2. The sluggard delights in sleep and recreation (6:9–10)

      3. The sluggard lacks initiative (6:7)

      4. The sluggard procrastinates (6:8)

      5. The sluggard is self-deceived (6:9–10)

      6. The sluggard is looking for easy money

      7. The sluggard is a destructive force


    1. God has ordained severe consequences for sluggardliness



  1. Be diligent


    1. Characteristics of the wise worker

      1. He works hard (6:6)

      2. He takes initiative and works well without supervision (6:7)

      3. He prepares for the future (6:8)

      4. He patiently pursues success

      5. He is a good steward of his resources

      6. He performs his duties with excellence and even artistry


    1. God rewards the diligent

      1. He will enjoy financial success

      2. He will enjoy success and fulfillment in his vocation

      3. He will enjoy the fruit of his labour

      4. He will be rewarded in the final judgement


  1. Take Home

    1. Young people should establish habits of diligence from an early age. 

    2. Don’t be a spiritual sluggard.

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