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General FG — Wednesday 7:15p



Part I: Fellowship Group Member Description



To apply God’s Word and develop relationships for the purpose of maturity, service, and outreach.



  • Membership in the church and a commitment to its leadership, mission, and ministry

  • Ability to participate in the group without disrupting or monopolizing the time and attention of the group (Serious issues should be referred to a pastor)


Spiritual Goals

  • Consistent devotional life

  • Specific application of God’s Word in daily life

  • Growing relationships with spouse and children (if applicable)

  • Growing relationships with other fellowship group members

  • Meaningful service in the church through use of spiritual gifts

  • Involvement in friendship evangelism


Personal Responsibilities

  • Participate in all functions of the corporate church and ministry sphere

  • Arrive on time for all small-group meetings, service projects, social events, and outreach functions

  • Complete assignments and come to meetings prepared to participate

  • Build meaningful relationships with other members of the group outside scheduled meetings

  • Open one’s life to others by being honest, transparent, and teachable

  • Support the leadership of the fellowship group leader


Part II: Fellowship Group Ministry Opportunities


Sign up for fellowship group ministry here: click here.

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