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2019 Paul Tripp Parenting Conference

About the Conference

The reason why we host conferences every year is that we as God's children are a work in progress. And since we decided to marry, then marriage becomes a work in progress as well. Two sinners under one roof does not always equal glory, unity or joy, although that is our end goal. My desire is for marriages in our church to reflect more of the gospel (Eph 5:25–29), so that our children, neighbors, and co-workers can see and hear what forgiveness, reconciliation, sacrificial love, submission, unity and an array of other gospel principles look like in and through a marriage partnership. — Denis


The conference will be about habits: "Every marriage is guided by a set of habits. The question is: Are they healthy habits that result in a God-honoring and joyful marriage, or are they bad habits that lead to a self-centered and strained marriage? In this new 4-lesson seminar, pastor, marriage counselor, and best-selling author Dr. Paul David Tripp will detail the necessary habits required for a healthy marriage while identifying the bad habits that need to be uprooted."

Who can attend the conference? 

We encourage couples of all ages to join. Not only will we be getting good nourishment for our souls about marriage, but there will also be opportunities for fellowship and bonding. 


We also highly encourage singles to attend, whether marriage is on the horizon or not. It's good to know what to expect. It's also a great opportunity to learn from married couples and gather advice for life. 


Childcare will be provided for children of all ages. We want you to be physically and mentally free of your children for a few hours. 

Schedule — Saturday & Sunday (5th & 6th)

We want to make it simple and easy to make it to, so we are going to divide the 4-hour conference into two days. Saturday and Sunday will be divided equally with two viewing sessions each day.  


Schedule on Saturday, April 5th



8:30am — Breakfast/fellowship
9:15am — Worship
9:30am — Session 1
10:20am — Break
10:40am — Session 2
11:35am — Discussion/Prayer

12:00pm — End


Schedule on Sunday, April 6th


3:30PM — Fellowship / Singing
4:00PM — Session 3
4:50PM — Break
5:00PM — Session 4
5:45PM — Discussion / Prayer
6:00PM — End

What are the sessions about?

  • Session 1Develop Good Habits. The health of your marriage is not defined by two or three dramatic decisions but by hundreds and thousands of little moments.

  • Session 2Pull Weeds And Plant Seeds. You don’t expect your garden to bloom full of gorgeous flowers without pulling weeds and planting seeds, so you can’t expect your marriage to blossom without the same effort.

  • Session 3Deal With Your Differences. You will never be exactly the same as your spouse. Unity in marriage results when the husband and wife respond in love to the inevitable differences that exist in the lives of every couple.

  • Session 4Protect Your Marriage With Prayer. This side of heaven, there is nothing more important than to pray without ceasing. In the words of the Lord's Prayer, you are given everything you need to experience God's kingdom in your marriage.

Please Register/RSVP Here

Please RSVP so we know how many people are attending so we can plan refreshments, etc.  You can register both spouses in one registration by clicking on the "I'm bringing a plus one." 


Call or text Denis — 510.759.9604


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