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New Years 2022

Come join us for the 2022 New Years, this year's theme will be medieval period. 

Hail fellows,

We cordially invite you to be a guest at our medieval banquet this New Year’s Eve. The ante to enter the banquet hall will be an expense of thirty dollars. We implore you to register before Christmas day to avoid paying a penalty for a tardy registration. Those who are registered before Christmas will experience no disparity.


We request all attendees to compose themselves a name that includes a title, name, and place of birth. Some archetypes are drafted below.


  • King/Queen

  • Prince/Princess

  • Duke/Duchess

  • Marquis/Marquise

  • Count/Countess

  • Viscount/Viscountess

  • Baron/Baroness

  • Lord/Lady

  • Knight/Dame/Ser


  • Pick whatever name you want, try to make it medieval themed, (Ex. Lord Donkey of Phyrgia)

Place of Birth:

  • ​Pick whatever land/city/country/town you want, fiction, non-fiction.

Dress Code

We entreat all guests to adorn themselves in proper attire. Restrict thyself to attire that belongs to the medieval era, which may be fictional or historical. Some inspiration and illustrations are displayed below. There will be rewards for the best dressed, most creative, and most chucklesome costume.

Use your imagination, can be from movies, books, or history

  • Sleeping Beuty/Maleficent, Robin Hood, Shrek, The Swan Princess, Snow White, Sword in The Stone, Princess Bride, Romeo and Juliet, Brave, Merlin, Eragon

Events that happened during the Medieval Period

  • Crusades, Black Death, Magna Carta, Hundred Years War

Be as creative as you want

We eagerly await your attendance.

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