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2019  Reality Conference

Battleground Washington

May 3rd - 5th



Reality Conference exists to point to the ultimate reality of who God is, what the Gospel looks like in practice, and how these truths should shape our lives. This conference is for young people who want to follow Christ, honor Him, and build up His Church.


The topic will be on "Genuine Faith" where we'll be looking at what it means to practically live out one’s Christian faith. The speaker will be Dr. Matt Jones.​


Conference cost is 50$


How we'll get there

We'll be leaving at 6:00 AM May 3rd from church parking lot. Drive is about 10 hours

We will be getting lunch on the way there.

Where we'll stay

Homes to sleep at will be provided by WOG church families.

We will be staying until Sunday May 5th and leaving around noon. 

Additional Information


Text or Call Misha Z. @ 510.695.1158

Register here

Just so we know how many people to expect. Please register both here and at the conference website.

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