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Russian School


A class which teaches the Russian language. 

How will it work?


At church. 1p–3p every Sunday. 

1. Food/snacks will be provided for your children before/during the class.  

2. Cost. Will include the snacks and necessary material for the class. 

1 child = $30/month 

2 children = $50/month

3 children = $75/month

4 children = $90 month

Pay here

We don’t have any products to show right now.

How to pay?

Step 1: hover over the image and click "quick view" and then add to cart

Step 2: choose how many children you have attending the school uder "quantity"

Step 3: if you have more than one child, click "enter a promo code" and add the promo code below for the amount of children you have in your household

Step 4: checkout and pay

1 child = $30/month 

2 children = $50/month (use code "twokids" for the discount)

3 children = $75/month (use code "threekids" for the discount)

4 children = $90 month (use code "fourkids" for the discount)


Text or call Ira Kulikov @ 916.838.9379

Register here (in the website below or at this link:

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